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From distorted body series.
Works contains different parts, such as portraits, torso, upper part of the body. The series reflects on the emotional state of the body, inner Self.2016-2019. Outgoing project. The series based on the inner beauty in distortion, on the form which one becomes in-valid. The touch and emotion are more important than the outside “correctness”. reflects what's in the inside, the outside details, beauty, correctness doesn't matter. Works shows the distortion, which one is not particularly visible, what is the beauty and what is ugliness everybody understands in different ways, with these sculptures trying to show both aspects as one. different parts, different felt inner moods. The main con-tent is to share the view on the interpretative body structure which one mainly focuses on the inner personality. Through the hand touch show the sensitivity. Some of the works were exposed in the exhibition called "Meetings" at the  Gallery "Noorus", Tartu, Estonia, 2017.

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