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Apocalypse Horse. Metal trash\findings \scrap metal welding. 2022.

The work was purely made from collected materials. Metal trash poses significant environmental risks if they’re-placed in landfills, where they can contaminate the soil and water, endangering both people and wildlife. You can’t simply assume that all recyclable metals can be recycled without issue. Some metals become contaminated, meaning they are unable to be recycled. By recycling metal, it is possible to preserve natural resources and make the best use of raw materials. The idea of collecting raw/ trash metal parts was focused on protecting our natural resources became a crucial part of the drive for scrap metal recycling.
The idea of the work reflects the current problems of waste and the happening conflict between the countries. The sculpture itself represents the current discord and the wish to escape to freedom. As an object, a motorcycle, symbolizes the instinct to escape using the balance and staying focused on the problem. The rust, as a second apocalypse horse, has color red, which one is not fresh, rusted, reflects on hope that everything has had happened will be over soon, and stays as a memory and lesson.

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