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Guardian. Metal trash\findings in old garage\scrap metal welding. Under the first lockdown. Kaunas. Lithuania. 2020.
With the Covid outbreak changing the way everyone in the world is working and living their daily lives, artists needed to learn how to adapt to a “new normal” as art fairs, exhibitions and workshops are indefinitely put on hold. 

The virus has already rapidly changed the way that everyone including artists and creative freelancers- are conducting business.

In response to cancelled art shows, exhibits, conferences, workshops, and coaching sessions, isolation, restriction with the movement needed to take a positive approach to overcoming the challenges of the pandemic. Luckily then the 1st and 2nd lockdown happened, got stuck in the forest house. Where had more freedom to create than being in the city apartment. In order to keep creative brain active and healthy needed to innovate and move course also to the online platform. Despite the craziness around, with the help of the family members, started to explore the surroundings, local forest, parks, got in contact with the neighbors, and started to pick up metal trash materials. Surprisingly fast collected huge amount of various metals it gave me a start to create physically and avoid being stuck inside near the computer.  Even thou recycling is being pushed forward in Europe, there are still lot of it in the nature and due to that cause, the environment is suffering.

The Guardian was made purely from the collected materials, and the area for that time being was cleaned. The work idea was to reflect the problem of waste in that area and around it. Represents individual care and protection over men. Sculpture guards now the area. It stands in the country side on the hill where people are able to approach it, and its visible from the distance. Also, during summer time, it became a kids-friendly place where they have been coming with curiosity to see it up close.

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