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Octopus. Metal trash\findings in old garage\scrap metal welding. Under the second lockdown. Kaunas. Lithuania. 2020.
The Octopus was made of the collected trash bolts. As a symbol of intelligence, and therefore wisdom, the octopus reminds you to use your wits and your life skills to make things happen. The octopus never sits around feeling incapable or unqualified. Its mantra is: Obstacles are what you see when you take your eye off the goal. The sea animal also represents resourcefulness, regeneration, infinity and awareness, or enlightened consciousness. The work was created with the consideration that oceans, rivers, seas, gravel pits are also suffering from water pollution, and due to its symbolic meaning, it can make people more aware of what's happening around them. The work is planned to be brought to Berlin, where hopefully it will be seen and understood correctly by the wider audience.

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