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Screamers. Alloy\Ceramics\Plaster. 12 cm x 6 cm. 2020. Based on the material exploration. Analysis of the different substances, technique findings, creation study, portrait study. Inspired by the "unheard" voices. In the field of sculpture, the material is a sculptor's medium for the expression of aesthetic ideas, presenting a visual image. In a strict sense, all of the sculptures in the world are reflected through the material.
Ancient man started the sculpture very early and they also learned to take advantage of them during the creation of the material. As time goes on, the material has been an extremely important role to play in the sculpture development. During this period, Western art experienced the evolution of modernism and post-modernism, and Western modernist sculpture broadened people's understanding of the "material", they were no longer the four materials of clay, wood, stone and copper of the traditional sense. And the use of the material is very extensive. The conception of a work of art—its form, imaginative content, and expressiveness—is the concern of a designer; and it should be distinguished from the execution of the work in a particular technique and material, which is the task of a craftsman. A sculptor often functions as both designer and craftsman, but these two aspects of sculpture may be separated. The screamers are based on material exploration, using clay as a fundamental material for working out ideas. For preliminary models that are subsequently cast in such materials as plaster, metal, concrete and pottery sculpture. Its outgoing project on analysis of the different substances, technique findings, creation study, portrait study. Essential portrait concept reflects the “unheard voices” emotion, freedom of speech illusion, censorship. 

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