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Time to move on. Mixed media. 10cm x 13 cm x 8 cm. 2022. The work is based on the natural form of the golden ratio. The spiral in the shell is often said to fit precisely within a golden rectangle, regardless of its size. Shell if often associated with the golden ratio. There is a fair amount of confusion, misinformation and controversy though over whether the graceful spiral curve of the shell is based on this golden proportion. Some say yes, but offer no proof at all. Some show examples of spirals, but incorrectly assume that every equiangular spiral in nature is a golden spiral. The golden ratio, like mathematics in general, is found in many places all around us,
and there is amazing power in the mathematical. Golden ratio appears as patterns in nature, and it’s argued by many that it is a universal law. "Striving for beauty and completeness in the realms of both nature and art". Even though some had argued that many apparent manifestations of the golden ratio in nature, especially in regard to animal dimensions, are fictitious. 
The sculpture represents the confusion and open discussion wherever it fits the

mathematical wonder in the nature. But the main truth, it is amazing what the nature can appear in our eyes and what it has to offer.

Two out of the five shells exhibited in the exhibition called “Calculations: Units of Measurement"( organizers ICCCIA9th) In Rudolstadt, Germany 2022.  

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