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Reaching The Clouds//Sky Temple. Green granite. 250 cm x 70 cm 60 cm. 2017-2018. 

Baltic stone Symposium. Imatra. Finland. The work as inspired by the ancient civilizations architecture, culture. Astronomy played an important role in the civilization's fascinating belief system. Some old civilization were already good astronomers. They believed that everything in and around our world was connected. The temples were built to observe the skies. Those observatories were used as shadow casting devices which ones were able to trace the complex motions of the sun, the stars and planets. This is how first calendar was made. The ceremonial building were precisely aligned with compass directions. Other alignments might relate to the exteriors of temples and palaces.

 Worship was very important to some civilizations and they had a complicated religion, closely linked to astronomy. In general, the sky was very important. Both the moon and sun were seen as gods and they built extravagant pillars and temples with great precision so that these “heavenly bodies”, like the sun, would pass over the structures or through windows on specific days, like the summer solstice. The most crucial events generally involved the rising and setting of the sun, moon, and stars.

This sculpture reflects the wish to reach/see the gods and communicate with them. Texture, structure, patterns of the stone ere the main focus during the stone working. The work started during one month symposium, and was finished at the beginning of the other annual stone symposium.

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