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Sounds of Residue. Kuva/Tila, 2014 Helsinki, Finland. Group exhibition. 
About exhibition: Curated by Barbara Vanderlinden, the Academy of Fine Arts’ Professor of Exhibition Studies and Spatiality and Director of Exhibition Programs, this exhibition takes its title from a combination of the words ‘residue’ and ‘sound’. ‘Residue’ refers to the substance that remains after a process of transformation. ‘Sound’ refers to a vibration, an audible wave of pressure and displacement. Together, the words evoke something that remains; a leftover sound, still faintly perceptible long after its creation. The works shown in this exhibition all relate to this idea of remaining, for each one is connected to something that lingers, whether this is an echo, a physical remainder, or a memory that can’t be effaced.
Migle showed four paintings. Each same size, 150cm x120cm. Mixed technique on canvas. Represented pieces of never spoken memories.  
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